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Chatbot Robots
Chatbot Robots

Chatbots are coming and we must be prepared!

This is the ultimate stencil for designing chatbots. It includes everything you need to design your own chatbot for desktop or mobile apps.

What’s a chatbot? It’s an automated agent that can respond to simple chat commands. Chatbots are often used for customer service in mobile apps because they can help customers quickly without the need for human interaction.
But designing interfaces for chatbots can be tedious, so that’s why we’ve put all the resources you need into a single stencil.

Build your own customized chatbot robot by mixing robot parts. Just grab a head, torso, pair of eyes, and a set of arms and build! (And the parts use the awesome magnetic link feature in OmniGraffle, so they connect easily.)

You can also mockup your chatbot user interface using a complete set of customizable chatbot avatar icons, chat bubbles, and mobile phone backgrounds (including the iPhone X and the Pixel 2!)

We’ve also included a customizeable flow diagram so you can map out how your chatbots will respond to human communication.

All hail the chatbots!

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Square Wireframe Kit
Square Wireframe Kit

Square Wireframe Kit provides a simple, flexible, and fun way to wireframe.

Simple square blocks can be easily resized, rearranged, stacked, and edited to build wireframes for anything from a traditional website to a mobile app. If you need to show more detail, squares come in two versions so you can switch between mock text with icons and real text with photos.

Communicate key concepts to your team or client and easily update mockups without having to search for and switch components. Just grab a square and drag it right into your document to quickly show content hierarchy and layout to your clients, while making sure that no one mistakes your wireframe for a final design.

Square Wireframe Kit includes everything you need with 6 pages of elements, 7 sample wireframes, 46 carefully selected icons, sample photos, and instructions.

The use of icon fonts makes it easy to quickly represent different types of content, and a built-in icon guide allows you to just copy and paste what you need.

Note: this stencil requires installation of three fonts (all free):

UX Kits Icon Font for Square
Source Sans Pro
Material Icons

(Just download and install the fonts before using the stencil.)

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Essential elements of shopping cart design.

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FlatBlock Wireframe Kit
FlatBlock Wireframe Kit

An OmniGraffle stencil used to do "color block" wireframes. It includes the following parts:

  • Basic Frames for web and mobile.
  • Buttons
  • Content Blocks
  • Layout Components, like navigator, image placeholder, etc.

Please go to for examples and contribute.

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Cool Flowchart Symbols 2.0
Cool Flowchart Symbols 2.0

The new Cool Flowchart Symbols Version 2 stencil makes software process flowcharts beautiful. It features elegant symbol designs for processes, hardware, and popular document types. Version 2 adds new database, document types, and Sprint process symbols.

I created this stencil because I wanted to create beautiful process flowchart diagrams. The stencil saves a ton of time and is used to create some impressive looking flowchart diagrams.

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Different types of display devices

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