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UI Wireflows
UI Wireflows

Architecture, layout, and flow for software interfaces.

UI Wireflows allow you to show the architecture, basic page layout, content and flow of software in one deliverable. With 120 screens and 100 additional UI and flowchart elements, the Kit blends flowcharts and wireframes to help you clearly communicate the functionality of a product to clients and team members.

UI Wireflows was designed with web-based, desktop and tablet software in mind, including miniature wireframes for common types of applications in 10 categories. The additional elements allow you to add navigation, alerts, scrollbars, tooltips, pagination and overlays (such as modal windows) to any screen.

The Kit also includes an example document to help get you started, a collection of flowchart lines, annotation styles, touch-screen gesture icons and a set of elements geared towards developers to show interactions such as API and database calls.

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iPhone GT 4.7 inch
iPhone GT 4.7 inch

Optimized for fast production of accurate wireframes, this high quality stencil contains all the building blocks you need to assemble typical iOS views for all iPhone models with 4.7 inch screens (including the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s).

Made by a professional interaction designer, they are the result of a long and continuous refinement process. Most components come in a wealth of states or variants, so you’ll rarely have to modify them and you can just focus on your design. All components are designed to fit nicely with each other. Labels are set in Helvetica Neue and grow in the expected direction as you type.

Also available: the iPhone GT 4 inch stencil with components for the iPhone 5, iPhone 5s, and iPhone SE.

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Cool Flowchart Symbols
Cool Flowchart Symbols

The Cool Flowchart Symbols stencil makes software process flowcharts beautiful. It features elegant symbol designs for processes, hardware, and popular document types.

I created this stencil because I wanted to create beautiful process flowchart diagrams. The stencil saves a ton of time and is used to create some impressive looking flowchart diagrams.

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iOS Components for China
iOS Components for China

Are you designing mobile apps for the Chinese market? You can use this stencil to make beautiful wireframes for your mobile apps. Just drag and drop to create professional deliverables for your clients, developers, or team members.

iOS 组件库:产品经理可以用来构建线框原型。使用此模板你不仅可以快速通过拖拽构建专业的手机 app 原型,也可以轻松地向你的客户和研发团队进行展示。

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iPhone UI Elements
iPhone UI Elements

This comprehensive iPhone stencil has everything you need to start designing a great iOS app.

To get you started, this stencil includes all the basic user interface elements you need to design an iOS app -- header bars, navigation bars, search bars, buttons, labels, select menus, dialogs, gestures, lists, sliders, and keyboards.

In addition to these basic elements, this stencil includes high quality mockups for many common interface scenarios, so you can design your app even faster.

  • Social elements include mockups for social actions: account logins, streams, timelines, contacts, chats, and friends lists.

  • Utility elements include mockups for maps, directions, alarms, calculator, translate, notifications, finance, weather locations, finances, financial statements, calendars, and reminders.

  • Store elements include mockups for stores, libraries, product detail pages, and shopping carts.

  • Lastly, this stencil also includes mockups for dashboards, browsers, email messages, pinboards, and downloads.

Note: all user interface elements in this stencil are designed to work with iOS 7 and above.

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Responsive Website Wireframe Kit
Responsive Website Wireframe Kit

Rapid Wireframing for Desktop, Tablet and Phones.

Our massive wireframe library has 30 pages of content blocks, website elements, icons, wireframe examples and templates. Every single component comes in three sizes to quickly create wireframes showing desktop, tablet and phone layouts. The templates can also be used to create standard desktop-only wireframes.

The smaller wireframes make it easy for clients and team members to understand page layouts, content and hierarchy, and they can be scaled up or down for more or less detail. Every element is sized to 5 pixel increments and on grid-based layouts, speeding up wireframing.

The stencil kit includes 16 pages of wireframe components, 7 wireframe examples as starting points, 6 templates for different needs with built-in grids and notes, and a set of 77 icons.

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