About Graffletopia

Graffletopia is the ultimate resource for OmniGraffle users.

Using Graffletopia, OmniGraffle users can easily share stencils with each other. Stencils are clip art files that you can download and reuse in your own documents, saving time and effort.

With over eleven hundred stencils, Graffletopia has stencils for every use — designing mobile apps, websites, network diagrams, flowcharts, and more.

By subscribing to our Graffletopia Pro service for $24/year, professional OmniGraffle users can download an unlimited number of free stencils and receive special discounts on our premium stencils.

We also provide a free basic account for users who only need to download one stencil a month.
And anyone who shares a stencil gets a free Graffletopia Pro account!

The site was created by Patrick Crowley.

Special thanks