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Free Pretty Urban Building Icons
Free IcoMoon Free
Free Site Map Stencil
Free Scale Rulers - Metric
Free Project Timeline/Strategic Roadmap
Free Strategy Map
Free SIte Map

SIte Map

This stencil helps you draw beautiful and useful site maps. For best results, you will also need to install Font Awesome typeface:

Free International Flags

International Flags

Stencil with approximately 243 international flags in various sizes (48px, 32px, 24px, 16px).

Free Ohio Counties

Ohio Counties

Click- and color-fill capable outlines of Ohio's 88 counties, organized geographically and named.

Free Spain Provinces

Spain Provinces

Map of provinces in Spain

Free DSRP Diagrams (Metamaps or "Metacognitive Maps")

DSRP Diagrams (Metamaps or "Metacognitive Maps")

MetaMaps or DSRP Diagrams were developed at Cornell University by Dr. Derek Cabrera. They are "Metacognitive Maps" that show both the information and the structure of an idea or knowledge. They are based on four universal patterns of cognition ("DSRP"). MetaMaps are used by preschoolers and PhDs, CEOs and consultants. It is...more

$29.00 The Office

The Office

This office stencil helps you save time and energy planning your next office move or re-organization. Includes furniture, computers (Mac and Microsoft), equipment, tablets (Microsoft Surface, iPad Air, iPad mini), desks, plants, chairs, break room equipment, microwave, lamps, modem, router, monitors, printers, plotters (for...more

Free Project Timeline/Strategic Roadmap

Project Timeline/Strategic Roadmap

This stencil can be used to create a very user friendly Gantt chart to indicate tasks or projects and their priority over a 2 year timespan, using different colors to show resources or segments of the tasks or projects.

Free IcoMoon Free

IcoMoon Free

IcoMoon was first built and released back in the November of 2011. Since its release, it has changed the way icon fonts (and icons in general) are being used in web today. IcoMoon introduced the first custom icon font builder, which allows users to select the icons they need, and make them into a font. IcoMoon was also the...more

Free Value Stream Mapping v2

Value Stream Mapping v2

VSM symbols to visualize the value streams in your supply chain or material flows according to Lean Manufacturing principles. Based on former Yang's stencil but extended with new symbols and improved usability.

Free State of Washington counties

State of Washington counties

A map of Washington counties as individual objects, with labels.