DSRP Diagrams (Metamaps or "Metacognitive Maps")

derekcabrera Pro shared this on Apr 15, 2014

MetaMaps or DSRP Diagrams were developed at Cornell University by Dr. Derek Cabrera.

They are "Metacognitive Maps" that show both the information and the structure of an idea or knowledge. They are based on four universal patterns of cognition ("DSRP"). MetaMaps are used by preschoolers and PhDs, CEOs and consultants. It is particularly useful as a systems thinking mapping technique and is a more robust visual diagramming language than the most popular visual mappers: Novakian Concept Maps or Buzanian Mind Maps (the use of which lead to thinking errors and biases).

Metamaps are capable of diagramming any idea based on the structure of ideas. They can model any other visual mapping technique (the reverse is not the case).

MetaMaps are used extensively in schools to teach students thinking skills. Along with these 2D nonlinguistic diagrams, there are 3D tactile manipulatives called ThinkBlocks. This stencil allows you to create lesson planning in ThinkBlocks using images.

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