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Free VMware vSphere
$19.00 Flat and Simple UI
$19.00 Flat and Cool UI
Free OS X Yosemite Stencil
Free Exchange 2013 Office
Free Microsoft Windows Phone 7 wireframe stencil for Omnigraffle
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Free Software Architecture Whiteboarding

Software Architecture Whiteboarding

Many years ago, I decided to go 100% digital and eliminate all paper based notes, scribbles and whiteboards. OmniGraffle helped me a great deal achieve that goal. I created this stencil to help throw ideas on a 'digital' white board and conduct brainstorming sessions with remote team members via screen sharing. Hope you find...more

September 7, 2016
Free SIte Map

SIte Map

This stencil helps you draw beautiful and useful site maps. For best results, you will also need to install Font Awesome typeface:

August 5, 2016
Free PC Keyboard

PC Keyboard

104 key IBM-PC style layout. Individual selectable keys

May 27, 2015


DEMO is an acronym for 'Design & Engineering Methodology for Organizations'. The name also stands for the demonstration that the underlying PSI-theory (Performance in Social Interaction) is a viable basis for practically dealing with organizational changes of all kinds.

May 21, 2015
Free Cursors Collection

Cursors Collection

This stencil provides an assortment of mouse cursors. Inside: Pointer - Question / Info., Not allowed, Add Hand - Link, Open, Closed Crosshair Cell select Cell expand - horizontal & vertical Expand - vertical, horizontal, and diagonal Move Beach ball of death (Spinning pinwheel or rotating...more

November 13, 2014
Free OS X Yosemite Stencil

OS X Yosemite Stencil

OS X Yosemite stencil for designing screens and wireframing apps for the latest OS X release.

September 24, 2014
Free Arduino UNO

Arduino UNO

All you need to document those pesky little Arduino projects.

September 23, 2014
$19.00 Flat and Cool UI

Flat and Cool UI

Responsive web and flat UI design is the current trend. This file satisfies that trend giving you all of the components and web elements needed that is responsive-ready! Graphs, buttons, checkboxes, drop downs, search boxes, notifications, radio buttons, controllers, sign in form, CTAs (call to actions), hero, register form...more

August 13, 2014
$9.00 Microsoft Smart Watch

Microsoft Smart Watch

Wearable technology is the new evolving technology. Having a mobile phone will be a thing of the past. Google, Samsung and Apple all announced their smart watch...but what about Microsoft? Utilizing the Microsoft Windows 8 branding guidelines and architecture, this stencil provides all with what you (or even those at...more

May 21, 2014
Free Windows 8 Templates (Dark)

Windows 8 Templates (Dark)

Windows 8 dark templates stencil based on the Microsoft Photoshop templates. See also: Windows 8 Basic and Windows 8 Templates (Light)

May 1, 2014