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Free Non-techie Process Diagram / Flowchart 1.1
Free Best Practice UX Forms Stencil v2.0
Free WebFlow 2.0
Free UML 2.1 Collection
Free Colorfill boxes
Free iPhone Sketch
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Free Software Architecture Whiteboarding

Software Architecture Whiteboarding

Many years ago, I decided to go 100% digital and eliminate all paper based notes, scribbles and whiteboards. OmniGraffle helped me a great deal achieve that goal. I created this stencil to help throw ideas on a 'digital' white board and conduct brainstorming sessions with remote team members via screen sharing. Hope you find...more

September 7, 2016
Free PC Keyboard

PC Keyboard

104 key IBM-PC style layout. Individual selectable keys

May 27, 2015
Free Petri Nets

Petri Nets

Petri Nets for modelling synchronization and non-deterministic processes (e.g. operating systems, workflows)

May 5, 2015
Free Burndown template

Burndown template

Burndown template for Agile methodology

May 1, 2015
Free Essence Kernel

Essence Kernel

This is a stencil for the Essence Kernel framework.

April 21, 2015
Free Scrum Board

Scrum Board

A small stencil with scrum/work stages and yellow stickies for tasks. Allows creation of an image of an agile scrum board for work tracking.

November 17, 2014
Free A10 Networks

A10 Networks

Stencil for A10 Networks Thunder Series Platforms.

November 10, 2014
Free Whiteboard Icons for Distributed System Design

Whiteboard Icons for Distributed System Design

Whiteboard style icons that can be used to draw Distributed System design diagrams. They work best with a sliver background. (Note: I added a new version with corrected backgrounds.)

October 23, 2014
Free CrossHash


Fill patterns that can be used for process flows.

October 17, 2014
Free WebSphere MQ

WebSphere MQ

Design Stencil for WebSphere MQ and Message Broker

October 10, 2014