Traditional Flow Chart Symbols

ndevos ndevos Pro shared this on Dec 4, 2017

Clean and easy to use, this flowchart stencil was compiled with university students in mind, but also suitable for professionals seeking for no frill flowcharting with all symbols in one stencil.

Having had a strict assignment marker myself, I've only included traditional symbols and uniformly sat magnet connector to NSEW. Avoiding overuse of shadows, the final print out will look great no matter what printer quality you may have as the boarders are clean and inner boundaries only lightly filled with grey. Most importantly, the symbols are carefully sorted so the menu display is tidy and logically presented. Hope you'll enjoy using this stencil.

Update v2.0
- Recompiled the stencil from ground up
- Converted nearly all symbols into Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG)
- Labelled all symbols so it doesn’t simply show as ‘Bezier’ or ‘Group’