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Felt pen flow chart symbols

Felt pen flow chart symbols

Version 1.0 of a felt pen flow chart stencil. Get the White Board feeling of your flow charts in OmniGraffle ;-)

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Jun 14, 2010
Lil Pages - 50 UI Layouts

Lil Pages - 50 UI Layouts

Lil Pages opens up the flexibility and enjoyment of creating beautiful documents to help communicate user flows, storyboarding, site map flowcharts, fast wireframing or simply UI icons to use in your next project. Lil Pages have been created to be simple, elegant and work straight out of the box. However, the real power lies...more

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Mar 25, 2014
Traditional Flow Chart Symbols

Traditional Flow Chart Symbols

Clean and easy to use, this flowchart stencil was compiled with university students in mind, but also suitable for professionals seeking for no frill flowcharting with all symbols in one stencil. Having had a strict assignment marker myself, I've only included traditional symbols and uniformly sat magnet connector to NSEW....more

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Dec 4, 2017