Guidelines for Designing Paid Stencils

Paid stencil guidelines

Thinking about making a paid stencil? Read these guidelines first!

Make Something Awesome

Before starting to design your stencil, make sure that you've got something that other OmniGraffle users will buy. While it's hard to know what people want for sure, you can try asking other OmniGraffle users and fellow designers if they would pay for the stencil you wish to design. You can also email Graffletopia if you'd like some advice from us.

Group Objects Together

Your stencil should be easy to use. So, it's generally a good idea to group related items together so it's easier to grab parts of your stencil and drag them into a new OmniGraffle document. As an example, let's say you've created an arrow icon that's comprised of multiple shapes. When someone wants to use arrow, they need the entire arrow... not just a part of it. So, group the arrow items together. Then, if the user needs to ungroup them later, they can easily do that.

Use the 'Stencil View Mode' Toggle

There are two ways to view stencils. You can either view the entire stencil at once OR you can view the stencil broken into a grid of every shape group in the stencil. Make sure your stencil looks good in both views.

Remove Unused Objects

Sometimes when importing a stencil from other programs like Adobe Illustrator, your stencil may contain phantom shapes and objects. You can use OmniGraffle's outline browser to find and delete these from your stencil. You can also use 'Stencil View Mode' toggle to make sure there are no empty objects in the grid view.

General stencil guidelines

Once you begin designing your paid stencil, make sure you follow our existing guidelines for sharing stencils on Graffletopia.

Keep Your Stencil Simple

Prepare Your Stencil File

Compress Your Stencil

Describe Your Stencil

Have questions about designing a paid stencil? You can send us a message at .