Introducing Graffletopia Pro

October 29, 2013

Greetings, Graffletopia fans!

I'm super excited to announce the new Graffletopia Pro service.

Graffletopia Pro is a paid subscription service for creative professionals who love using Graffletopia.
For just $36 per year, you can enjoy unlimited free stencil downloads and updates (to your Mac or iPad), plus exclusive offers and discounts on premium stencils in our Stencil Store.

Since Graffletopia is now a paid service, that means stencils will only be available on this website. If you use OmniGraffle for Mac or iPad to find and download stencils, you must now use instead.

Why charge now?

I love using OmniGraffle. So, seven years ago, I built Graffletopia to give people a way to share stencils. But today, Graffletopia is so large — with over 1,100 stencils and 100,000 active users — that I can no longer afford to develop, host, and maintain it for free.

After giving this a lot of thought, I believe the best way forward is for Graffletopia to become a paid service. With your support, Graffletopia can become even more awesome. More stencils. Better stencils. Improved ways to browse and search. And more!

Since this is a big change, here's what I'm doing to make this transition easier for you:

  • If you upgrade to Graffletopia Pro now, you will only pay $24 per year. That's $12 off the regular price and just $2 per month. If you think about how much time Graffletopia saves you, it's a great value.
  • I'm giving away a free Graffletopia Pro account to anyone who shares a stencil. Just make an awesome stencil and share it. If your stencil is approved, you'll get a free Graffletopia Pro account!

Thank you for using Graffletopia and thanks for your support.

Patrick Crowley
Creator of Graffletopia

PS: If you sign up for Graffletopia Pro now, you'll save 33 percent.

Subscribe to Graffletopia Pro for $24/year (regularly $36/year)

How much does Graffletopia Pro cost?

Graffletopia Pro subscriptions cost $36/year. But we're offering a special discount for Graffletopia/OmniGraffle users until December 1st. If you sign up today, a subscription to Graffletopia Pro will only cost you $24/year (for as long as your Graffletopia account is active).

What do I get with a basic account?

If you have a basic account, you can download one new free stencil every month. If you need to download more stencils, you can upgrade to a Graffletopia Pro account at any time. As well, if you share a stencil, we will give you a Graffletopia Pro account for free!

I'm already sharing a stencil. How can I get my free Graffletopia Pro account?

We have already upgraded your account to Graffletopia Pro. As long as you keep sharing your stencil, you can use Graffletopia Pro for free.

My stencil is already on Graffletopia. Can I charge for it?

Absolutely. If you're interested in selling your stencil, check out our paid stencil program for professional designers.

Are paid stencils included with Graffletopia Pro?

No, you must buy paid stencils separately. But Graffletopia Pro members will receive special discounts on paid stencils.

Will I still be able to search stencils using the Stencils palette in OmniGraffle for Mac or iPad?

Unfortunately, no. To search for stencils, you must now use the Graffletopia website.

I bought OmniGraffle so I could use Graffletopia for free. Can you give me a refund?

Sorry. If you would like a refund for your OmniGraffle purchase, you should contact The Omni Group directly.