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Free Boyd Hobbs' Kinoflos: Lighting

Boyd Hobbs' Kinoflos: Lighting

Kino Flos!! Lighting, Film and Television

August 1, 2013
Free Boyd Hobbs' Misc & Practical Lights

Boyd Hobbs' Misc & Practical Lights

China Ball Lantern, Space Lights, Xenon, Airstar Balloon Lights, Bare Bulb, Lantern, Work Light, Flo Work Light, Lamp, Desk Lamp, Exit Sign, Emergency Light

July 31, 2013
Free Endian UTM Security / M2M & Industrial Security

Endian UTM Security / M2M & Industrial Security

The scope of network security is constantly sifting. M2M Communication, modern forms of mobile working, and new always ON social life demand new ways of protection. Endian stays ahead of the curve and offers best in class security solutions for industrial endpoint protection, remote services and WiFi management.

July 24, 2013
Free money


Images of credit cards, wallets and bank notes. from free icons off the web. Thank me if you like them ;-)

May 22, 2013
Free Java App Server Logos

Java App Server Logos

These logos/icons were made for use in diagraming enterprise java application environments with non-heterogenous architectures.

May 17, 2013
Free 3D input tetrahedron

3D input tetrahedron

Simple shapes

May 2, 2013
Free Iron.io Stencils

Iron.io Stencils

Stencils for the Iron.io Cloud Services

April 8, 2013
Free Simple Social Media Icons

Simple Social Media Icons

A huge set of simple social media icons. They are vector / scalable. It's a direct port from Alex Peattie's set from here: http://www.alexpeattie.com/projects/justvector_icons. Thanks Alex!

March 29, 2013
Free Cisco Network Topology

Cisco Network Topology

The standard Cisco Network Topology icons

March 18, 2013
$19.00 Icons Stencil

Icons Stencil

Standard icon set from GUI Toolkit. Perfect for designing iPhone, iPad, Android, Facebook, Windows, Windows Phone, and Mac OS X apps. Includes both gray and blue icons, representing inactive and active icon states.

March 1, 2013