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Free Audio Rack Symbols

Audio Rack Symbols

Here's a few Rack Symbols that I've created over the last few years. Some are gear-specific. Some are generic. It works if you work in real-size, i.e. the racks are 19" wide in Omnigraffle, and your grid is 1.75" (a rack space).

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Free DrayTek Vigor

DrayTek Vigor

Vigor 2900G

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This stencil helped me construct an electrical project for my home.

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Free Clefs, notes

Clefs, notes

Clef de sol et clef de fa

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Free Luminex AV Network Switches

Luminex AV Network Switches

Wiring diagram blocks for Network Switches from Luminex for use in network AV systems.

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Free iOS UI iPhone

iOS UI iPhone

iOS UI iPhone stencil from the iPad and iPhone Design bundle.

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DEMO is an acronym for 'Design & Engineering Methodology for Organizations'. The name also stands for the demonstration that the underlying PSI-theory (Performance in Social Interaction) is a viable basis for practically dealing with organizational changes of all kinds.

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Free Cisco CVD 2014 Wireless Icons

Cisco CVD 2014 Wireless Icons

Cisco released updated CVD Icons in many formats, but of course, no Omnigraffle stencil. These are built from the PNGs. http://www.cisco.com/c/en/us/solutions/enterprise/design-zone-smart-business-architecture/cvd.html This is the Wireless Icons Icons section.

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Free Vintage Cars

Vintage Cars

Vintage car line sketches.

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Free Graph Model

Graph Model

Model your use-case data as a graph (e.g. Neo4j).

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