ArchiMate 2.0 GW-Style

gctwnl Pro shared this on Feb 15, 2013

There are some changes with respect to the original stencils on Graffletopia:

  • They use my 9-color scheme (see the Mastering ArchiMate book, Section 6.4, for why I use this scheme)
  • They are divided in Business / Application / Infrastructure / Relations (instead of Structure, Behavior, Information, Relations). I find that more practical as you tend to be working within a layer;
  • The ‘funny forms’ are not included (I do not use these, but if you add them in a separate stencil and send it to me, I’ll include them in my set);
  • I have added the Or-Split, Or-Join, And-Split, And-Join as suggested in the ArchiMate 2.0 specification;
  • I have changed the Grouping Relation. Mine behaves less intelligently graphically, but it can be filled with a color (which the other one can’t).

This text will not be updated if the stencils are updated.

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