Apple Icons (Large)

omnigroupomnigroup Pro shared this on Jul 13, 2006

A set of large application and system icons from Mac OS X (Part 1). more

To install, unzip and double click stencil. Questions? Read more about installing stencils.
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open page on iPad or Mac.

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apple mac icons

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fox — over 6 years ago

are these available in 2 sizes? where can i find the large ones? (other than screens shotting them) can i get them off my mac?


msalah — about 6 years ago



sunchild — almost 6 years ago

Thanks for these. Is it possible to fix the masking on some of these? The MacBook icon shows white artifacts when placed on a color background.


PulpMysteryFan — almost 6 years ago

I'd like to use some of these in my Web application. (I.e., include them in a design that I export and use as a button image.) What's the copyright or terms of use? Thanks!


Graffletopia Pro — almost 6 years ago

These icons definitely belong to Apple. Use them at your own risk. That said, while I'm not a lawyer, it's unlikely Apple is going to come after you for making a button out of one of their icons.


jimmysharon — about 5 years ago

down~thank you~


elenapro — 11 months ago

Thank you

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