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Some helpful stencils for designing your database and models. Sort of an Entity Relationship Diagram (ERD) with some added stuff that helps me think through what's going to go on when I get to coding. Don't feel bad if (like me) you are more of a Designer/Developer and just use the plain arrow to connect things. The ERD stuff can make your head explode if you go too deep.

To install, unzip and double click stencil. Questions? Read more about installing stencils.
11-arrows-out Preview for C3_RailsDiagramming

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c3mediagroup Pro — about 6 years ago

In case you're new to these kinds of things, you can add more name/type rows to the tables by clicking in a row and hitting Ctl-Enter (or menu Edit -> Tables -> Insert Row). That one was not so obvious to me initially either.


pfitzpatrick — almost 6 years ago

Been playing with this stencil for a while and still unable to add a new column name/type. Don't have the Edit/table/insert option. Using a mac.


antibaddy — over 5 years ago

You need Omnigraffle Pro to work with tables


ccshannon — about 5 years ago

Does this even exist anymore? The site doesn't respond when I try to download it. Maybe their site is just temporarily unavailable. Anyone suggest another database modeler for OmniGraffle?


vanweerd — about 5 years ago

I just got it, so it must be back.


janoah — about 4 years ago

It doesn't appear that this is Rails specific but can be used for database design work in general


c3mediagroup Pro — about 4 years ago

@Jeffrey: For the most part it's not. I did build it for our Rails work with the 'has_...' association references, which are somewhat Rails specific though.

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