SAN Devices

sjdavies Pro shared this on Jul 13, 2006

The SAN Devices palette will eventually contain stencils for Brocade and McData Fibre Channel switches used in creating Storage Area Networks as well as Hewlett Packard's XP Storage array and possibly a tape library. Currently only XP512 stencils are complete. The palette currently contains the following stencils: - HP XP512 Storage Array DKC And R1 DKU (Smallest Posible Config) - HP XP512 Storage Array Left Hand DKU (For use as DKU L1 through L3) - HP XP512 Storage Array Right Hand DKU (For use as DKU R2 and R3) - HP XP512 Storage Array Full Configuration (DKC, R1-R3 and L1-L3)

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