Ultimate iPhone Stencil

GraffletopiaGraffletopia Pro shared this on Sep 3, 2008

This is the ultimate stencil for folks designing iPhone apps. • Contains backgrounds, title bars, buttons, selectors, and other iPhone UI elements • Text is fully editable on lists, title bars, buttons, and scroll wheels • Buttons can be resized horizontally by ungrouping, resizing the middle element, and then regrouping the elements back into a single button • Taken from actual screenshots. No fake art! UPDATE: This stencil was recently updated to version 1.5. This new version fixes problems with older versions of OmniGraffle and adds more editable text. And special thanks to James Berry, Josh Black, Troy Church, Dave Knell, Edward Povazan, Josh Schoenwald, and Marcel Schouwenaar for helping fix this stencil.

To install, download and double-click stencil. Questions? Read more about installing stencils.
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mandermu — almost 9 years ago

Freakin' awesome!

David F. Bills

David F. Bills — almost 9 years ago

What're ya buildin', PC?


chris_radcliff — almost 9 years ago

Sweet. I love using Graffle for iPhone prototypes, and it looks like this just made it easier.


pewtey — almost 9 years ago

Is this optimized for Graffle 5? I loaded the stencils on Graffle 4.2.2 (on my Core 2 Duo MBP w/ 3GB RAM) and it pretty much maxed out my computer trying to load them, and it runs exceedingly slow. They look wonderful though!


Graffletopia Pro — almost 9 years ago

Hey, pewtey. This stencil was created using OmniGraffle 4.2.2 on a dual G5... so I'm guessing something else is causing the slow down. :)


dknell — almost 9 years ago

I am having the same problem as pewtey. OG works great until I select the iPhone stencil. I get SBOD when I try to drag something into a document. After OG recovers from the SBOD, I can select a different stencil and all is well again. Any ideas?


Graffletopia Pro — almost 9 years ago

If this stencil is running slow for you on OmniGraffle 4, I recommend breaking the stencil into smaller parts. (1) Create several new stencils by selecting 'New Stencil' from the Stencils menu (2) Switch to the Ultimate iPhone Stencil (3) Select 'Edit Stencil' from the Stencils menu (4) Cut-and-paste blocks from the iPhone stencil into new stencils (5) Save the new stencils you created


thekarladam — almost 9 years ago

There must be something wrong here, I'm on a quad core Mac Pro with 5 gigs of RAM and this stencil is still unbearably slow in OmniGraffle Pro 4.2, however it's nice and fast in OmniGraffle 5. Any ideas as to what's wrong?


Graffletopia Pro — almost 9 years ago

It really seems like an issue with OmniGraffle 4, Karl. It seems to choke when loading a stencil that contains large number of bitmap images.

Joshua Kaufman

Joshua Kaufman — over 8 years ago

It's missing a Camera button like that seen in the Camera app.


crcsmnky — over 8 years ago

OmniGraffle 4 choked on this stencil, so I converted every PICT to a PNG and updated the plist to reflect that. Now the stencil works perfectly!


johnq — over 8 years ago

crcsmnky is correct. There is something going on with the pict images in the stencil. When converted to png's this works fine with OmniGraffle 4.2.2. I tried mass conversion using both sips (mac os x) and ImageMagick (*nix). Both choked on the pict files. ImageMagick reported a bad header... which is probably why these cause some systems to choke. I used the free image utility Seahorse to convert them and it worked fine.


Graffletopia Pro — over 8 years ago

@johnq If you send me the corrected version, I'll swap it out with the current stencil.


ursomniac2 — over 8 years ago

I've downloaded and I can't get it to load. (OmniGraffle 5, iMac Intel running 10.5.6)... Any idea of when this problem will be fixed?


rodolfo — about 8 years ago

This stencil should be fixed. It causes version 4.2.2 to crash every time. The solution suggested above does not work. Looks like a good stencil, but until it is fixed don't waste your time.


ddrucker — about 8 years ago

I wish this worked, but it just doesn't load. A real shame, because it looks great.


yweuritw — about 8 years ago

OmniGraffle allocates 1.5GB (yes, gigabytes) of RAM to load this stencil! .pict files in it are broken - I could not find any program that opens them properly.


sarbogast — about 8 years ago

Great stencil, I've just redesigned my entire application with it. Wonderful! One question though: do you know if there is a way to turn a one-canvas-per-screen Omnigraffle file into a more dynamic mockup, with transitions between screens when you click controls?


parmit — about 8 years ago

I had problems loading this with 4.2.2. Converting all the images to png (using the venerable GraphicConverter because sips couldn't handle the pict files), and editing the data.plist to point to those png files worked fine.


sdarque — almost 8 years ago

tested and worked okay, actually need a gaming developer, if ur a good one, hit me up;)


pkthor — almost 8 years ago

Thank you Patrick. Quit outstanding


koppenhoefer — almost 8 years ago

Patrick.. outstanding work. I have a newby question.. Under 5.2.beta7 when I try to modify the text in the bottom menu bar (eg., replace 'Favorites' with 'Fav' or 'Bookmarks' with 'marks') the text shows up on the middle of the icon and the original text isn't modifed. Is this normal? so I can't use those bottom-of-the-screen menu bar with my own texts? :-(


mikee60369 — almost 8 years ago

Hi Patrick. Love the stencil. Is there any chance that you have a higher-resolution version? I'd love to be able to print a poster-size version. I'm at mikee60369 AT "aol" dot com. Thanks! Michael


Graffletopia Pro — over 7 years ago

@koppenhoefer just download the latest version of the stencil. The menu bar text is now editable. :) @mikee60369 this is the only version available for now. @everyone if you had problems with this stencil in the past, you should download the latest version, which replaces the PICT files with PDFs and TIFFs.


mixedup — over 6 years ago

What are people doing for capturing the design for the flows between screens? I’m guessing a page with multiple iPhone screens (but not same resolution of a single page screen mock up), with the buttons indicated and lines with arrows going from one screen to the other etc? Any templates available for this type of view (with multiple screens and flows)? Or any other thoughts/advice re how to show the big picture flow view?


bijusubhash — almost 6 years ago

thank you for sharing... you providing lot of UI graphics... :D


I.am.joel — over 5 years ago

Hi, are there instructions for installing this on graffle for the iPad? - thanks, Joel


krasutski — over 4 years ago

I.am.joel, simple - unzip the stencils and copy to OmniGraffle via iTunes


wusong — about 4 years ago

who can tell me how to use it?


wusong — about 4 years ago

who can tell me how to use it?


wusong — about 4 years ago

who can tell me how to use it?


heking — about 4 years ago

thanks ,very good resources


Vivian — almost 4 years ago

Thanks a lot for sharing. This is very useful.


id59 — over 3 years ago

very nice!


瑞瑞爱瑶瑶 — about 3 years ago

1067349543@qq.com 需要iPhone和Ipad的模板


ytwei — over 2 years ago


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