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radiorentalradiorental Pro shared this on Sep 10, 2008

Use to create printouts for your paper-protoyping or interactive mockups that can be exported to click-able pdf in Omni. Please let me know of any omissions/additions and I'll update the stencil.

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accipiter — over 8 years ago

This is an awesome template. The only thing that I'm missing is a date picker/calendar popup kind of thing. Thanks!


radiorental Pro — over 8 years ago

Great suggestion, I'll get right on it. Maybe a couple of weeks, busy right now! thanks! /pauric


metapede Pro — over 8 years ago

What font are you using in this stencil?


metapede Pro — over 8 years ago

ok... Tekton Pro, I believe


inkorporeal — over 8 years ago

Ok, I'm about to release a new version (~mid Feb), it will include a calendar. Any other requests?


mkwan — over 8 years ago

How about a table/grid control and a window? Thanks!


collisionlab77 — about 8 years ago

This is exactly what I am looking for, but I only have visio. Could this be exported as a vsd file for those that cant afford a new mac.


radiorental Pro — about 8 years ago

Gerald - yes, send a mail to pauric (at) pauric (dot) net and I'll send you an export. You will need to supply your own font as the one I use wont export/translate to Windows. Cheers /pauric

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