Touchscreen Hand Gestures

dansafferdansaffer Pro shared this on Dec 2, 2008

A collection of drawn hands for documenting touchscreen interactions. Includes point, tap, pinch, spread, drag.more

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Graffletopia Pro — about 8 years ago

Love this stencil. My only suggestion would be to reimport the artwork so that it can be used on full-color mockups too.


dansaffer Pro — about 8 years ago

The artwork is originally greyscale.


Graffletopia Pro — about 8 years ago

Right, but it seems the artwork was only designed to work on white backgrounds. If I overlay these on an iPhone mockup, they don't look so hot.


metapede Pro — about 8 years ago

I agree with Patrick. Nice illustrations, but it would be great to get these in vector form, so they could be customized for any background.


jaapleving Pro — almost 8 years ago

I agree with Patrick too...we had the same problem, that's why we vectorized it! See:


aharth — over 7 years ago

Nice! Is there an illustration for entering text (such as search terms) as well?


poochai — over 3 years ago

illustrator file please :(

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