iPhone Sketch

Soup IndustriesSoup Industries Pro shared this on Jan 27, 2009

This is a stencil for quick sketching of iPhone ideas. Use the outline for printouts so you can hand sketch as well. The symbols are meant as a check list for included features in your app development. Visit www.iphonepool.com and join in:-) Please leave a comment, nice to know if it's usable for others.more

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iworkinprogress — over 8 years ago

This is really really really good. I like the simplicity of it. Lets you focus on the structure instead of aesthetics, just like a good wireframe should.


rei — about 6 years ago

Cool! Anyone know if there's something simple like this for iPad dimensions?


appinseconds — over 5 years ago

Cool, upload these sketches to App in Seconds and get something that works on your own iPhone!! It's amazing. http://www.appinseconds.com


andsix — about 4 years ago

WOW! AppInSeconds...THANK YOU!!!!! You're right, it is amazing:)

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