Touchscreen Hand Gestures v2

jaaplevingjaapleving Pro shared this on Feb 2, 2009

Vectorized version of Dan Saffer's "Touchscreen Hand Gestures" stencil ( containing a collection of drawn hands for documenting touchscreen interactions. Ungroup to remove the background gradient.more

To install, download and double-click stencil. Questions? Read more about installing stencils.
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skippingrock — about 8 years ago

love to have these black on white without the squares.


skippingrock — about 8 years ago

never mind, found it.


kbergquist — almost 8 years ago

Sorry, I'm sure you put a lot of work into this, but when I unzip it, I just get a plain text file instead of a package. OmniGraffle ignores it in the Stencils folder. I'd love to be able to use these stencils in my iPhone use case diagrams... Thanks for your hard work!


baobab — almost 8 years ago

@kbergquist - change the file name for that 'plain text' file by adding .gstencil Your OS / Omnigraffle should now recognize it as an Omnigraffle stencil.


fchi — almost 8 years ago

These are so beautiful! Is there an easy way to make them generic SVGs or EPSes so that I can use them in another program (I don't have OmniGraffle)?

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