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radiorentalradiorental Pro shared this on Apr 28, 2009

I use these characters lifted from when I need to do a quick and dirty storyboard. Version 1.

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gazconroy — about 7 years ago

These are really useful characters. What is the copyright status on using them in a new work?


brintdw Pro — over 6 years ago

These are great - any chance that you could incorporate more of the characters?


radiorental Pro — almost 6 years ago

I contacted Scott McCloud and Google, never heard back. It's my understanding this falls under fair use. I grabbed all the workable characters. Others had too many other artifacts over them to make it worthwhile editing them for this stencil.


Tolzidan — almost 6 years ago

Note that according to google link listed this is under the Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 2.5 License which you can read more about at


motofox — almost 6 years ago

No women represented at all here. The misogyny in the design world is disturbing.


LaurenD — over 5 years ago

WTF? Is this a muslim site? If not, then why are women all hidden away? I don't know about you, but most of my "stories" involve my half of the population. The saddest part is thatthe person posting apparently didn't even notice the omission.


sgowda — over 5 years ago

Thanks Radiorental for this stencil. @LaurenD, why don't create verison 2 of this stencil, would be helpful.


hashbang — almost 5 years ago

girls are funny and complain too much. It's pretty childish to be so offended by a thumbnail on a random internet blog. they honestly think the author made a conscious decision to disclude females from this work. Hey ladies?! He also left out asians, spaniards, black people, toddlers...oh, and my Mom. That SOB! He's such a bigot!


locke_door — over 3 years ago

I poast commint


ckwright — over 2 years ago

First thought when I found this "wow, that's sure a lot of bros and no women"
Read the comments.
Oh yeah, clearly not the first one to notice this.


irlswe — over 2 years ago

Great!! I love it!!!!!!!!!!!


radiorental Pro — about 2 years ago

Just an FYI to everyone complaining about the lack of women. This is not deliberate. I lifted all workable characters from the original google comic. By workable I mean more than just a couple of instances of of a character.

There is one woman in the original comic, while there are 4 instances they're pretty much two poses. I originally felt this would be of limited use in a storyboard. Please direct your flame at Scot Mcloud.

That all said, just so we're all happy I'm going to do a v2 with more characters.


brintdw Pro — over 1 year ago

Glad that you are working on a v2 ... any idea when we can all enjoy it?

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