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giacygiacy Pro shared this on Jun 25, 2009

Diagram and Icon Library

To install, download and double-click stencil. Questions? Read more about installing stencils.
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bjjboy — over 7 years ago

Great icons !!!!!!!! Now I am waiting for something like isometric icons from Visio :-)


Jeremy Pro — almost 6 years ago

Can someone post a .gstencil version of this? its just a zip file with a bunch of .pdf files


kevinf1 — over 4 years ago

As tws2004 says, this is just PDFs - totally mis leading title..


jose.cardoso — about 4 years ago

Simply extract the downloaded zip file and, if necessary, right click on the extracted file and select "Show Package Contents". You can then double-click on the subsequent "VmWare.gstencil" file and OmniGraffle will now correctly import the stencils.

If this isn't working for you (you are seeing the individual PDF files that make up the .gstencil package) then whatever you are using to extract the initial .zip file is to blame.


mgjohansen — over 3 years ago

Corrupt file in Omnigraffle v6 ?

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