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aamacdaddyaamacdaddy Pro shared this on Jul 19, 2006

This is a semi-complete version of a Ruby on Rails way to model a database. The table objects include a space to enter in the declarations that you are considering placing in your model files. I have included a list of reminders of the things that would go into the model declarations towards the right. Each table has anchor points on the left and right of each line and can easily be expanded to include more fields vertically or horizontally.more

To install, download and double-click stencil. Questions? Read more about installing stencils.
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since1968 — almost 11 years ago

Nice work, this will come in handy.


jbregar — over 10 years ago

Link's broken. Anyone have a mirror?


kidmarmite — almost 10 years ago

I can't seem to figure out how to get more rows in a table? Is there some help anywhere for this stencil?


ezraball — almost 10 years ago

kidmarmite, I was wondering the same thing, until I realized that it used the "tables" feature that is only available in omnigraffle professional (I downloaded the pro version, and you do indeed get the ability to expand the table: a new little control appears on the table which gives you the ability to expand it. Not sure if it's worth $150 to me, but there you go).


kidmarmite — almost 10 years ago

ezraball - Yep, I realized the same thing after I'd already purchased the standard version. I'd heard great things about Omnigraffle, so I decided to splurge and bought the pro version. So far I've been really pleased. It's helping with the planning and presentation of my company's first rails app. I'm a happy camper!


winson — over 9 years ago

Just type Command+Enter on a row will get you one more blank row!! It's a very good shortcut.


ccshannon — about 8 years ago

Nothing there to download. That's TWO database modeling stencils unavailable. The other one is the C3 stencil. Neither are available as of today. If anyone knows of an alternate download location for either stencil, please post here. Thanks!


vanweerd — about 8 years ago

The C3 stencil is back- I just downloaded it. Hopefully this one comes back.


Graffletopia Pro — over 7 years ago

This stencil has gone missing. The original author has lost his copy. If anyone still has this stencil, please email me a copy at patrick@mokolabs.com and I'll repost it. Thanks!


aamacdaddy Pro — over 7 years ago

I just found an old back up of a DB model I did in the past, I then extracted out a replacement template. The link above should now work.


Graffletopia Pro — over 7 years ago

Nice job, aamacdaddy. Glad to see this one back online. :)


isly_sn — over 3 years ago

Link's broken. I can't download it.

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