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da5idda5id Pro shared this on Feb 11, 2010

iOS UI General stencil from the iPad and iPhone Design bundle.more

To install, download and double-click stencil. Questions? Read more about installing stencils.
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sanket — almost 7 years ago

Hi, can somebody share the links for visio stencils....


da5id Pro — almost 7 years ago

sanket... Sorry but no Visio version. You can buy OmniGraffle Pro and try to export them...


iankb — almost 7 years ago

Is it possible to install this template in OmniGraffle for the iPad? iTunes allows you to sync files with OmniGraffle, but not under any form of file structure. The zipfile for this has multiple stencil files within a directory tree.


jochoy — over 6 years ago

I have Omnigraffle 4.2.3 (v129.22). There doesnt seem to be a folder under "~/Library/Application Support/OmniGraffle/Stencils/". The only folder that seems close is "~/Library/Application Support/Omni Group/" Any suggestions on where I should drag these stencils to? thx


Graffletopia Pro — over 6 years ago

@jochoy you can just create the missing folder yourself, and then drag the stencils into the folder. :)


da5id Pro — over 6 years ago

@jochoy Exactly as @patrick said. Just create the folder yourself, drag and drop and you should be good to go!


da5id Pro — over 6 years ago

@iankb Yes... installing the stencils on OG for iPad is definitely possible. Just unzip and drag each stencil into iTunes file sharing and sync and they should show up fine.


katkittykrazy — over 6 years ago

a5id...what about those of us whose company's standard is Visio? Can't really go out and buy Omnigraffle just to use some stencils. It would be nice to have options for tools other than Omnigraffle. After all, it's not the ONLY tool used for mocking up prototypes.


theresaneil Pro — over 6 years ago

Great stencil, thank you. I am a little confused by all the comments I have seen here lately about Visio. This is an Omni user community of designers who make stencils (for free) and share them to be helpful. I've shared 3 or 4 myself. It is not meant to exclude people using Visio or other prototyping tools. But I just don't have the time or inclination to create stencils for other prototyping tools that I don't use. Perhaps Visio users can work together to start Visiotopia or something similar? That would be cool :o)


da5id Pro — over 6 years ago

For anyone asking about Visio. The are two reasons no Visio version of these stencils exist. First, I am a Mac OS X and iOS developer and designer. I have not owned a Windows computer in more than eight years and I do not use Visio. I worked at Microsoft on the Windows NT team so I have no issue with MS or Visio. In fact, I loved using Visio on Windows. More important, OmniGraffle Pro 5 easily exports stencils to the Visio XML document format. The Omni guys have done a great improving the quality and capabilities of Vision import and export over the past few years and, as these stencils are all vector shapes, exporting should produce very good results.


mistahtea — over 6 years ago

I'm having a problem proportionately scaling the iphone. When I drag it on to my canvas (17"x11") is looks perfect (yet huge) but when I try to make it smaller, only some parts of the iphone graphic scales down. How do I fix it so that everything scales proportionately? Thanks for any help!!


da5id Pro — over 6 years ago

Hey mistahtea, OmniGraffle is likely scaling the iPhone stencil as a whole group. Try selecting the grouped stencil, ungrouping it, then select them all while ungrouped and the shapes may resize better but you will also be able to see the problematic shapes. Reducing the border width of smaller shapes will also help quite a bit. Also make sure the scale proportionally checkbox is selected for the grouped stencil in the inspector panel.

Joshua Kaufman

Joshua Kaufman — about 6 years ago

da5id, what printer page size did you design this stencil for?


Uigrrl — about 6 years ago

Why will safari on my iPad not download the stencils??


itchyfinger — about 5 years ago

Hi Guys, I am also having the same problem as Mistahtea. Is there any easy way around this? I am having to use a massive canvas at the moment!

Courtney Bolton, UX

Courtney Bolton, UX — about 4 years ago



Tonedefdom — almost 4 years ago

Nice. Thanks!

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