Electronics Components

kylesun kylesun Pro shared this on Aug 18, 2010

This stencil of circuit components includes equipment and novel components found in a physics lab. Documenting experimental setups in this way has been quite successful. I appreciate the circuit aesthetics of the "Microelectronics" textbook by Sedra and Smith, as well as the visual dictionary of components common in SPICE front-ends (e.g., CircuitMaker, NI Multisim). This stencil was originally based on the existing "Circuit Engineering" stencil. Thanks. Kyle Sundqvist kylesun -at- hotmail -dot- com 23Dec10: Included additional 'memory device' components, as per Di Ventra, M.; Pershin, Y.V.; Chua, L.O.; , "Circuit Elements With Memory: Memristors, Memcapacitors, and Meminductors," Proceedings of the IEEE , vol.97, no.10, pp.1717-1724, Oct. 2009. 11May11: Added different tunnel junctions, to denote the difference between: superconductor-insulator-superconductor (SIS), normal conductor-insulator-normal conductor (NIN), and mixed (SIN) junctions. Also, a twisted-pair connection was added.

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