Apple Hardware Elements 2010

edenbrackstoneedenbrackstone Pro shared this on Sep 2, 2010

A collection of official Apple hardware icons, for use in physical network diagramming. Includes the following: iMac (all generations) MacBook Pro (unibody, previous generation) MacBook (unibody, previous generation) PowerBook (all generations) AirPort Extreme, Time Capsule Apple Cinema Display iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch XServe Raid Generic PC Graphic (BSoD, lol) 44 Total. Please note this stencil has NO magnets currently, these will be added in a future revision! All imagery TM and © Apple Inc. All rights reserved.

To install, download and double-click stencil. Questions? Read more about installing stencils.
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jspooner — over 4 years ago

Can't download it...

"There was a problem! We were unable to download stencil."


kymcha — over 3 years ago

Ridiculous .. signed up for basic and yet have 0 downloads for the next month even though I haven't downloaded a damn thing.


Koberlin — about 3 years ago

I downloaded a stencil on my ipad and it will not open in omnigraffle for ipad

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