Touchscreen Gestures

Wolfgang MaehrWolfgang Maehr Pro shared this on Dec 9, 2010

A set of simple icons to symbolise most common interaction gestures on touchscreen devices like iPhone, iPad, Android and any other multi-touch devices. Symbols for:

– Tap, Double Tap, Tap and Hold
– Pinch In and Out, Rotate
– Flick
– Drag

Shared under Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike 3.0 PDF version can be found here:

Please let me know, if you miss any other symbols, I'll gladly add them. :)more

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sesshomaru — about 4 years ago

Thanks, Wolfy. Note that on my mac, when the ZIP is exploded, the files does not have an extension (.gstencil) and cannot be opened automagically by double-clicking on the file or opening from within Graffle. Consider re-packing the archive, please and thank you!

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