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Version 13 - 1st Feb 2018.
Provides a set of blocks and connectors to enable architecture description views to be produced using the open source TRAK enterprise architecture framework. The TRAK Metamodel defines the objects and how they connect together. The sets of objects allowed in each TRAK view are defined by TRAK Viewpoints. Can be used to describe most things be it systems or a combination of humans, software, physical together with energy/data/resource exchanges, protocols, standards and be related to a solution free (logical) concept or the enterprise. Brief intro to producing a TRAK view is on the trakomnigraffle wiki. In a nutshell the process is: 1) Establish what the concerns of the architecture task sponsor are. 2) Select the TRAK viewpoints (specifications for architecture views) that address these 3) Prepare the views (using the stencil in accordance with each view's viewpoint) 4) Stop. It's all based on ISO/IEC 42010, the international standard for architecture description. TRAK is simple, pragmatic and easy to pick up. It aims to be (just) good enough and no more. Nothing tricky but explicit mechanisms to keep everything consistent and be able to share what you produce with others. It is free to use - no annual payment, no license application - just get on with it! ;-) Uses user data keys to capture extra information as attributes and to display the type of each block.

Questions? Read more about installing stencils.