IxD Gestures

think motothink moto Pro shared this on Nov 3, 2011

Download our set of gesture icons for interaction design. It includes icons for touchscreen interaction, free gestures and mobile phone gestures. You find an explanation how to use each gesture here: more

To install, unzip and double click stencil. Questions? Read more about installing stencils.
11-arrows-out Preview for IxD Gestures

To download this stencil,
open page on iPad or Mac.



mackean — about 1 year ago

awesome !

Courtney Bolton, UX

Courtney Bolton, UX — 12 months ago

yes, thank you!

Beth McKeever

Beth McKeever — 9 months ago

Really nice looking set! My only request would be to have directional lines in this stencil set, but separate from the touch gesture icons so I can display, for instance, "Drag up".


cooniur — 3 months ago

Awesome! Exactly what I need.

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