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Free Floorplans: Appliances

Floorplans: Appliances

A handy collection of appliances for laying out basic floorplans.

$10.00 Miscellaneous Cabinets

Miscellaneous Cabinets

This stencil contains corner cabinets, wine racks, china displays and assorted appliances you need to help design your space or furniture using cabinets. All items are titled and have dimensions added to each stencil object. Cabinet dimensions are based on one of the leading cabinet manufacturers in the US. All cabinets can...more

Free Endian Hotspot

Endian Hotspot

Endian Hotspot Hardware Solutions The Endian Hotspot series is conceived to provide easy, fast and stable Internet access. The hardware models come in different sizes to support between 50 and 1500 users and fit the need for secure connectivity and Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) management of small and large enterprises,...more