Stencils tagged with ‘design’

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Free Data Model (IDEF1X)

Data Model (IDEF1X)

Allows you to draw IDEF1X-compliant Data Models (examine all five pages). IDEF1X is a methodology and standard (NIST/FIPS 184 in 1993) for modelling Relational databases. It emphasises and promotes data independence;...

April 28, 2010
Free Entity Relation Diagram (ERD)

Entity Relation Diagram (ERD)

Allows you to draw simple Entity Relation Diagrams (the first page). ERDs are useful in the early stages of a project, especially if you are using formal approach such as Structured Systems Analysis and Design Methodo...

May 2, 2010
Free Font Awesome

Font Awesome

Omnigraffle stencil of the popular vector font library, Font Awesome, tailored for use with Bootstrap. This was made with an earlier version of Font Awesome. If people are interested, then I can continue to update th...

January 8, 2014