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Flowcharting Symbology

Flowcharting Symbology

Almost a complete set of flowchart symbols based upon ISO 5807:1985. With a few extra symbols. Symbols are measured in centimeters and are designed to be placed on a canvas with a major grid spacing of 2 cm and 8 minor grid steps. With thanks to radiorental for version 1.

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Nov 9, 2010
Cool Flowchart Symbols 2.0

Cool Flowchart Symbols 2.0

The new Cool Flowchart Symbols Version 2 stencil makes software process flowcharts beautiful. It features elegant symbol designs for processes, hardware, and popular document types. Version 2 adds new database, document types, and Sprint process symbols. I created this stencil because I wanted to create beautiful process...more

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May 27, 2016