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Free Less Framework v4 Stencil

Less Framework v4 Stencil

This stencil supports the Less Framework (v4) for creating grid-based, responsive web designs for standard, tablet and mobile devices. (See: We've created this in the effort to encourage interaction designers and information architects to consider grid-based design in their prototypes and wireframes.

July 15, 2011
$29.00 Blackberry Tablet Stencil

Blackberry Tablet Stencil

Blackberry Tablet user interface components from the Blackberry Stencil Kit.

March 1, 2013
$29.00 Android 4 Tablet Stencil

Android 4 Tablet Stencil

Android 4 Tablet user interface components from the Android Stencil Kit.

March 1, 2013
Free Nexus 7 Tablet

Nexus 7 Tablet

A quick Nexus 7 Tablet for Android 7" mockups.

February 11, 2014
$29.00 The Office

The Office

This office stencil helps you save time and energy planning your next office move or re-organization. Includes furniture, computers (Mac and Microsoft), equipment, tablets (Microsoft Surface, iPad Air, iPad mini), desks, plants, chairs, break room equipment, microwave, lamps, modem, router, monitors, printers, plotters (for...more

April 8, 2014
$19.00 Flat and Cool UI

Flat and Cool UI

Responsive web and flat UI design is the current trend. This file satisfies that trend giving you all of the components and web elements needed that is responsive-ready! Graphs, buttons, checkboxes, drop downs, search boxes, notifications, radio buttons, controllers, sign in form, CTAs (call to actions), hero, register form...more

August 13, 2014
$59.00 Responsive Website Wireframe Kit

Responsive Website Wireframe Kit

Rapid Wireframing for Desktop, Tablet and Phones. Our massive wireframe library has 30 pages of content blocks, website elements, icons, wireframe examples and templates. Every single component comes in three sizes to quickly create wireframes showing desktop, tablet and phone layouts. The templates can also be used to...more

March 12, 2015
Free Blenderbox UX Wireframe Kit

Blenderbox UX Wireframe Kit

Gee, printer-friendly! Sometimes, there’s nothing better than printing out a design and just marking it up. When we noticed that our clients were printing our wireframes, we decided to do away with the typical 11″×17″ canvas and create our own stencils, formatted for regular printer paper. This pen-ready baby is outfitted...more

August 17, 2016