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Free Feed icons

Feed icons

Here's a set of standard feed icons for RSS and Atom feeds. Icons come in 10x10, 12x12, 16x16, 24x24, 32x32, and 48x48 sizes, and work well on light or dark backgrounds. For more sizes and info, check out the Feed Icons website.

August 7, 2006
$29.00 User Experience Professional

User Experience Professional

The user experience professional stencil kit allows you to design provably better web forms. The layouts included are based on eye tracking research undertaken by UX researcher Matteo Penzo (which itself used form layouts by Luke Wroblewski, a well-known UX designer). All of the core components you need to design forms...more

July 31, 2013
Free Facebook Widgets/Elements v.1.0

Facebook Widgets/Elements v.1.0

A small collection of Facebook page-level components and widgets.

March 24, 2010
$19.00 Flat and Simple UI

Flat and Simple UI

A collection of assets that I used for a few UX/UI projects. A lot of my clients here in the Redmond/Seattle Washington area like to have some colors added to the wireframes to notate actions and key areas therefore, this Flat and Simple UI stencil was created. Toasts, notifications, menu, navigation bar, radio buttons,...more

March 18, 2014
Free xHTML Content-out Approach

xHTML Content-out Approach

A simple set of stencils good for analyze web design layouts according to the Content-Out Approach, as seen on Transcending CSS: the fine art of web design by Andy Clarke (

June 1, 2008
$15.00 Façade Wireframe Stencil

Façade Wireframe Stencil

This stencil features easy drag-and-drop elements for creating awesome mockups, wireframes, and high-fidelity prototypes in minutes. The stencil kit is divided up into nine sections: Miscellaneous, Text, Colors, Buttons, Forms, Alerts, Placeholders, Modals, and Tables. Luyfel has been using OmniGraffle for over 5 years to...more

May 23, 2016
Free Teasers (Magnolia CMS)

Teasers (Magnolia CMS)

Single Teaser Paragraphs stencil from the Magnolia CMS Standard Templating Kit (STK) Stencil kit.

September 29, 2010
Free Extjs / Sencha

Extjs / Sencha

This is a stencil for extjs UI. This stencil approximates the look enough but doesn't attempt to make it 100% the same. This allows for much easier sizing of elements. feedback is welcome (alokjain1 at

January 20, 2011
Free TYPO3 FCE Forms


Elements for designing a FCE Forms for the TYPO3 BackEnd

November 23, 2010
Free TYPO3 4.7 BE GUI


Basic Elements of a TYPO3 Back End. Useful for designing BE Modules.

December 23, 2013