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Free Windows GUI Design

Windows GUI Design

User interface elements for the Windows operating system, in case you have to design an interface where Aqua widgets are considered a strange and mysterious concept, and licking them is totally out of the question.

Free Mac OS X Interface

Mac OS X Interface

Much interface design at Omni has started with a quick mockup in OmniGraffle. Here's the stencil I've been building, adding elements as I need them. Most designs start with an existing screenshot, with swatches of controlColor over things we need to get rid of, and layers of new controls on top of that. Clearly there are lots...more

Free Feed icons

Feed icons

Here's a set of standard feed icons for RSS and Atom feeds. Icons come in 10x10, 12x12, 16x16, 24x24, 32x32, and 48x48 sizes, and work well on light or dark backgrounds. For more sizes and info, check out the Feed Icons website.

Free Information Architecture

Information Architecture

Created by Brian Talbot. For more info, check out

Free Mac OS X Interface 2

Mac OS X Interface 2

More new major Omni application updates mean a new, cleaner, more Leopardy interface stencil. This one makes extensive use of tables, for maximum flexibility while maintaining pixel precision. Enjoy!

Free famfamfam Icons

famfamfam Icons

The icons from as an omnigraffle stencil.

Free Extjs GUI Layout and Widgets

Extjs GUI Layout and Widgets

This is the updated version of our popular Ext JS Omnigraffle stencil which is available for download on our website and on This update contains many improvements and additions, namely that we were able to recreate most Ext JS elements as graffletopia shapes or groups. This is especially helpful for resizing...more

Free iPhone Wire Frames

iPhone Wire Frames

This is a basic stencil for creating wire frames for iPhone optimized web sites (from April 2008) Includes standard components like form fields, buttons, dialogs, key boards, lists, loading icon, selected state. Any feedback would be appreciated, and I will make appropriate revisions.

Free Django Admin

Django Admin

Stencil featuring the out-of-the-box UI elements available when creating admin interfaces for Django sites.

Free xHTML Content-out Approach

xHTML Content-out Approach

A simple set of stencils good for analyze web design layouts according to the Content-Out Approach, as seen on Transcending CSS: the fine art of web design by Andy Clarke (