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$29.00 Square Wireframe Kit
Free Human Chromosomes
Free Many Useful Icons
$29.00 Chatbot Robots
Free Timeline
Free Juniper Networks: General Icons
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Free Timeline


This stencil can be used to create a timeline sheet.

$29.00 Chatbot Robots

Chatbot Robots

Chatbots are coming and we must be prepared! This is the ultimate stencil for designing chatbots. It includes everything you need to design your own chatbot for desktop or mobile apps. What’s a chatbot? It’s an automated agent that can respond to simple chat commands. Chatbots are often used for customer service in mobile...more

Free Google Compute Platform

Google Compute Platform

This stencil contains icons for Google Compute created from:

Free Human Chromosomes

Human Chromosomes

A vector library of human chromosomes, copied from the public domain on Wikimedia Commons.

$29.00 Square Wireframe Kit

Square Wireframe Kit

Square Wireframe Kit provides a simple, flexible, and fun way to wireframe. Simple square blocks can be easily resized, rearranged, stacked, and edited to build wireframes for anything from a traditional website to a mobile app. If you need to show more detail, squares come in two versions so you can switch between mock...more

Free Juniper Networks: General Icons

Juniper Networks: General Icons

Juniper Networks general icons.

Free Many Useful Icons

Many Useful Icons

All icons are vectorgram. The color and shape of all icons can be changed. The manuscript came from I re-made and arranged the icons in OmniGraffle.

Free Network Locations

Network Locations

This stencil contains various size sites and locations for designing high level Wide Area Network diagrams

Free Cisco Network Topology Icons

Cisco Network Topology Icons

The full Cisco Icon Library PDF as an Omnigraffle Stencil. 291 icons spanning the full set of Cisco products plus miscellaneous icons useful in network diagramming. This builds upon the Cisco Universal Stencil, with all reference labels and order from the Cisco Library PDF. Given the amount of vectors in this Stencil, when...more

Free Salesforce Lightning Design Icons

Salesforce Lightning Design Icons

This stencil contains an official set of Lightning Design Icons, converted to OmniGraffle format from