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Free Applications - Apple Icons 2015

Applications - Apple Icons 2015

Part of the Apple Icons 2015 collection: Applications, Devices, Disks, Documents, Folders & Miscellaneous. All high quality icons from OS X 10.9 and 10.10, laid out in this stencil. This is an updated copy of the original set I prepared in 2010 which was downloaded over 56,000 times! All stencils have offset labels...more

Free Crashplan / Backup

Crashplan / Backup

Icons for backup.

Free Modern Network

Modern Network

A random collection of network stencils. Great for fliers or simple, stylish network planning. Can be used for any project, commercial or not, without attribution, however cannot be sold as an individual stencil. Thanks for looking/downloading. UPDATE SEPTEMBER 10, 2015 Changes: -Shrunk initial stencil size. They are still...more

Free Endian UTM - Network Security | Endian 4i - Industrial IoT Security

Endian UTM - Network Security | Endian 4i - Industr...

The scope of network security is constantly shifting. M2M Communication, modern forms of mobile working, and new always ON social life demand new ways of protection. Endian stays ahead of the curve and offers best in class security solutions for industrial endpoint protection, remote services and WiFi management.

$59.00 Responsive Website Wireframe Kit

Responsive Website Wireframe Kit

Rapid Wireframing for Desktop, Tablet and Phones. Our massive wireframe library has 30 pages of content blocks, website elements, icons, wireframe examples and templates. Every single component comes in three sizes to quickly create wireframes showing desktop, tablet and phone layouts. The templates can also be used to...more

Free International Flags

International Flags

Stencil with approximately 243 international flags in various sizes (48px, 32px, 24px, 16px).

$5.00 Lean Six Sigma Tools

Lean Six Sigma Tools

Continuous Process Improvement (CPI) tools for integrating into quality plans to include Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve, and Control (DMAIC) scientific model. Includes Bell Shaped Curve for plotting, Project Charter Matrix, Fishbone Diagram showing root causes, SIPOC Chart and Process Control Plan. Soon to come: Weighted...more

Free Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure

This is a Stencil for Microsoft Azure Cloud Platform based on icons shared by on David Pallmann. Hope this helps someone. http://davidpallmann.blogspot.ca/2011/09/windows-azure-design-pattern-icons.html

Free Whiteboard Icons for Distributed System Design

Whiteboard Icons for Distributed System Design

Whiteboard style icons that can be used to draw Distributed System design diagrams. T

Free Endian - 4i Edge 313 / 4i Edge 515

Endian - 4i Edge 313 / 4i Edge 515

Endian 4i Edge 313- Digital Input/Output (DI/DO), 3 ethernet ports and optional 3G module are included in 4i Edge 313, the DIN rail industrial solution for non-critical environments. Endian 4i Edge 515- The Endian 4i Edge 515 brings an unparalleled level of hardware performance and features to the industrial VPN router market.