iPhone stencils

Free jQuery Mobile UI Elements OmniGraffle Stencil

jQuery Mobile UI Elements OmniGraffle Stencil

With the exciting July 2011 release of jQuery Mobile cam an onslaught of people looking to design and develop for this amazing new mobile platform, myself included. As we raced to our wire-framing software to begin creating jQuery mobile layout goodness, many of us soon realized that there are no stencils available … Until...more

Free IxD Gestures

IxD Gestures

Download our set of gesture icons for interaction design. It includes icons for touchscreen interaction, free gestures and mobile phone gestures. You find an explanation how to use each gesture here:

Free Less Framework v4 Stencil

Less Framework v4 Stencil

This stencil supports the Less Framework (v4) for creating grid-based, responsive web designs for standard, tablet and mobile devices. (See: lessframework.com). We've created this in the effort to encourage interaction designers and information architects to consider grid-based design in their prototypes and wireframes.

Free jo JavaScript Framework for HTML5

jo JavaScript Framework for HTML5

Jo is a lightweight JavaScript framework designed for HTML5 apps. jo is designed to create applications. This stencil presents standard jo UI elements

Free Sencha Touch v.10

Sencha Touch v.10

Ui layouts and components for the HTML5 mobile framework Sencha Touch. This folder stencil pack contains Buttons, date picker, form elements, toolbars, and more! Brought to you by the good folks at Modus Create, Inc.! www.moduscreate.com

Free Charts for storyboarding v1.2

Charts for storyboarding v1.2

A different set of charts and a table which can be used to create a storyboard or workflow for a dashboard

Free Cisco Universal (iOS and Mac OS)

Cisco Universal (iOS and Mac OS)

Cisco's vector shapes from http://www.cisco.com/web/about/ac50/ac47/2.html converted from individual color EPS files (last updated May 2010) to allow use with the iOS and the Mac OS release of OmniGraffle. There are 293 shapes in this stencil. OmniGraffle for the Mac will display these in full vector while the current iOS...more

Free Touchscreen Gestures

Touchscreen Gestures

A set of simple icons to symbolise most common interaction gestures on touchscreen devices like iPhone, iPad, Android and any other multi-touch devices. Symbols for: – Tap, Double Tap, Tap and Hold – Pinch In and Out, Rotate – Flick – Drag Shared under Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike 3.0 PDF version can be found...more

Free MonotoneIcons


Simple Icons

Free Apple Hardware Elements 2010

Apple Hardware Elements 2010

A collection of official Apple hardware icons, for use in physical network diagramming. Includes the following: iMac (all generations) MacBook Pro (unibody, previous generation) MacBook (unibody, previous generation) PowerBook (all generations) AirPort Extreme, Time Capsule Apple Cinema Display iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch XServe...more