Macintosh stencils

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Free Twitter Bootstrap UI

Twitter Bootstrap UI

This is a basic set of UI components to use when wireframing applications that use the Bootstrap framework. It is not a complete set, but it has already saved me tons of time and I'm hoping to add more in future versions soon.

Free State of Washington counties

State of Washington counties

A map of Washington counties as individual objects, with labels.

Free iMac without a logo

iMac without a logo

A scaleable iMac without an Apple logo. The screen is a good place for a text label.

Free Charts for storyboarding v1.2

Charts for storyboarding v1.2

A different set of charts and a table which can be used to create a storyboard or workflow for a dashboard

Free Cisco Universal (iOS and Mac OS)

Cisco Universal (iOS and Mac OS)

Cisco's vector shapes from converted from individual color EPS files (last updated May 2010) to allow use with the iOS and the Mac OS release of OmniGraffle. There are 293 shapes in this stencil. OmniGraffle for the Mac will display these in full vector while the current iOS...more

Free Apple Misc Elements 2010

Apple Misc Elements 2010

A collection of official Apple miscellaneous icons, for use in network or software diagramming. Includes the following: Network, Sync, Trash (empty & full), MobileMe, BootCamp, Home Directory, Downloads, iDisk, Shared Disk, AirPort Disk, Time Capsule Disk & More! 32 Total. Please note this stencil has NO magnets...more

Free Apple Folder Elements 2010

Apple Folder Elements 2010

A collection of official Apple folder icons, for use in network or software diagramming. Includes the following: All Finder icons (photos, music, videos, developer, etc) Smart folder icon, '@' icons for visual representation of links Blank page icons 35 Total. Please note this stencil has NO magnets currently, these will be...more

Free Apple Hardware Elements 2010

Apple Hardware Elements 2010

A collection of official Apple hardware icons, for use in physical network diagramming. Includes the following: iMac (all generations) MacBook Pro (unibody, previous generation) MacBook (unibody, previous generation) PowerBook (all generations) AirPort Extreme, Time Capsule Apple Cinema Display iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch XServe...more

Free XRackPro2


XRackPro2 Omni Graffle Stencil for 4U, 6U, 12U and 25U Noise Reduction Enclosure, Noise Reducing Server Racks in Platinum and Black.

Free Entity Relation Diagram (ERD)

Entity Relation Diagram (ERD)

Allows you to draw simple Entity Relation Diagrams (the first page). ERDs are useful in the early stages of a project, especially if you are using formal approach such as Structured Systems Analysis and Design Methodology (for which there is a SSADM stencil) or IDEF0. I have added an extension, which allows indices to be...more