Macintosh stencils

Free Entity Relation Diagram (ERD)

Entity Relation Diagram (ERD)

Allows you to draw simple Entity Relation Diagrams (the first page). ERDs are useful in the early stages of a project, especially if you are using formal approach such as Structured Systems Analysis and Design Methodology (for which there is a SSADM stencil) or IDEF0. I have added an extension, which allows indices to be...more

Free Data Flow Diagram (SSADM)

Data Flow Diagram (SSADM)

The classic Structured Systems Analysis and Design Methodology by Chris Gane and Trish Sarson. SSADM is better known as Data Flow Diagrams. It is a simple and highly effective systems analysis and design (decomposition) methodology. It uses just four symbols, and it is excellent for communicating with non-technical users. A...more

Free Data Model (IDEF1X)

Data Model (IDEF1X)

Allows you to draw IDEF1X-compliant Data Models (examine all five pages). IDEF1X is a methodology and standard (NIST/FIPS 184 in 1993) for modelling Relational databases. It emphasises and promotes data independence; proper use of keys; extensibility; quality; and ease of use, and produces a genuinely Relational database....more

Free Green glass sampler

Green glass sampler

If you like my designs, I can make sets of buttons for you - click "more" to see our site.

Free Apple Third-Party Gear 02-08

Apple Third-Party Gear 02-08

More stencils for diagraming Apple Enterprise environments

Free Apple Server and Storage 02-08

Apple Server and Storage 02-08

Apple Server and Storage, for diagraming Apple Enterprise environments

Free iPhone Sketch

iPhone Sketch

This is a stencil for quick sketching of iPhone ideas. Use the outline for printouts so you can hand sketch as well. The symbols are meant as a check list for included features in your app development. Visit and join in:-) Please leave a comment, nice to know if it's usable for others.

Free Musical Instruments v. 1.1

Musical Instruments v. 1.1

This stencil contains pictures of musical instruments. I made it to create tech riders, fitting my own needs, but it could be useful for any musician or engineer. Version 1.1 fixes non transparent background on drum set graphic.

Free Leopard Folder Icons

Leopard Folder Icons

A collection of the high-res 512x512 folder icons that apple uses in the finder when using the coverflow display option. All with transparent backgrounds

Free Apple Hardware

Apple Hardware

A collection of 62 high-res 1024x1024 hardware icons that Apple uses in the finder when Coverflow is active. Even has the PC with the Blue screen of death. All with transparent backgrounds. Updated to include new MacBooks. Check out 'Apple IOS Hardware' for all the IOS devices and 'Apple Watch Hardware' for high-res Apple...more