Miscellaneous stencils

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Free Swimlane Stencil in Portrait

Swimlane Stencil in Portrait

Swimlane stencil in Portrait format To stop the problem of a connection selecting the swimlane box, send the swimlane box to the back from the Order selection.

October 28, 2014
Free Pigpen


Shapes for the pigpen cipher.

October 21, 2014
Free CrossHash


Fill patterns that can be used for process flows.

October 17, 2014
Free IPSC and USPSA Stage Design

IPSC and USPSA Stage Design

Simple Omnigraffle template for designing IPSC and USPSA stages.

October 16, 2014
$29.00 Home


The ultimate stencil for home organization, planning, landscaping, and remodeling of your home, house or your client's home. This stencil includes shapes for outdoor landscaping, living room, party organization, kitchen remodeling, and more. This works wonderfully for apartment companies who would like to show prospect...more

October 15, 2014
Free Service Design Blueprint

Service Design Blueprint

Template for service design blueprint. Help you create service blueprint for your project quickly.

October 6, 2014
Free Base Colored Flow Chart Symbols

Base Colored Flow Chart Symbols

As a college professor, I like to teach the basics and nothing more. So, I put together this flowcharting template since it contains the same content as the base IBM set of shapes found in the IBM flowcharting template.

October 3, 2014
Free Pyramid for hierarchical structures

Pyramid for hierarchical structures

Two pyramids in a 3D-like view with separated levels. You can name the different levels.

October 2, 2014
Free Video Connectors

Video Connectors

Thunderbolt, Mini DisplayPort, DisplayPort, HDMI and VGA connector and plug.

October 1, 2014
Free Proteins and cells parts

Proteins and cells parts

Antigens, hormones, cell components and other various components I use to build diagrams for immunology, oncology etc.

September 26, 2014