Miscellaneous stencils

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$19.00 Flat and Simple UI

Flat and Simple UI

A collection of assets that I used for a few UX/UI projects. A lot of my clients here in the Redmond/Seattle Washington area like to have some colors added to the wireframes to notate actions and key areas therefore, this Flat and Simple UI stencil was created. Toasts, notifications, menu, navigation bar, radio buttons,...more

March 18, 2014
Free Numbered labels

Numbered labels

Simple stencil to easily create labels or tags with numbers on it. Labels are provided in various shapes and colors to best suit your tagging needs.

March 17, 2014
Free Project Timeline/Strategic Roadmap

Project Timeline/Strategic Roadmap

This stencil can be used to create a very user friendly Gantt chart to indicate tasks or projects and their priority over a 2 year timespan, using different colors to show resources or segments of the tasks or projects.

March 12, 2014
Free Spiral planner

Spiral planner

Spiral planner heavily inspired by Kent from Oz idea: http://kentfromoz.blogspot.se/2013/04/filofaxuations-mind-mapping-and-filofax.html

March 6, 2014
Free Name badge

Name badge

A stencil for generating name badges or other badges of a similar style.

February 28, 2014
Free SCI-FI City tiles

SCI-FI City tiles

A simple stencil for creating a sci-fi city layout using Gamecraft miniatures EPIC (6mm) engraved acrylic gaming tiles. Created with blessings from Gamecraft Miniatures.

February 25, 2014
Free Peripheral Plugs

Peripheral Plugs

These are abstract, clean icons of plugs often used on computers. Their reduced design nicely sets them apart from whatever icons you use to show the computers. The plugs have connection magnets at the top and bottom ends. We use them to show what is connected to what by which means. If you think we should add another...more

February 12, 2014
Free Calendar


Simple or detailed calendar views. You can edit and update when the first day of the month begins and limit the number of days within a month.

January 22, 2014
Free Task goal

Task goal

This can stencil can be used to create various flowcharts, and maps to help achieve goal

December 13, 2013
Free Minecraft


I needed a Minecraft stencil for organizing my thoughts. Just a bunch of random blocks, but someone might find it useful.

December 6, 2013