User Interface stencils

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Free Block Diagram Shapes

Block Diagram Shapes

Block diagrams are simpler process diagrams that are used to depict online processes. One diagram represents one process, for instance, registration. Block diagrams can be used to very quickly define how a certain task or process is completed online. The diagram depicts each step in the process with all the pages and...more

Free UX Activities and Documents

UX Activities and Documents

A stencil of UX activities and documents to illustrate the work that designers and researchers do. [originally created by Todd Zazelenchuk (Plantronics) and Elizabeth Boling (Indiana Univ)]

Free Mind Mapping

Mind Mapping

Use this stencil to represent words, ideas, and tasks arranged around a central idea.

Free Mac OS X Interface

Mac OS X Interface

Much interface design at Omni has started with a quick mockup in OmniGraffle. Here's the stencil I've been building, adding elements as I need them. Most designs start with an existing screenshot, with swatches of controlColor over things we need to get rid of, and layers of new controls on top of that. Clearly there are lots...more

Free Flow Map Shapes

Flow Map Shapes

We make flow maps daily to visually represent how users move through a system. We find that maps which depict screens and the results of user actions from those screens are easier for our clients to understand than the long text-heavy documents usually produced during the definition phase of most large web site projects. Most...more

Free Windows GUI Design

Windows GUI Design

User interface elements for the Windows operating system, in case you have to design an interface where Aqua widgets are considered a strange and mysterious concept, and licking them is totally out of the question.

Free Web Flowchart

Web Flowchart

Charles Parcell has created a very slick set of stencils for website flowcharting that has just about every component you might use for a site, from Flash to PHP to .Net. And all of them in a unique, colored style. Awesome.

Free Web Form Elements

Web Form Elements

Edward Anastas has put together a handy stencil composed of often-used elements in HTML and web page forms: radio buttons, checkboxes, combo boxes, entry fields and text areas. Nice looking and Aqua, to boot.

Free UML 2


Additional UML diagram tools, esp. for Use Case and Activity diagrams. There is also a Domain object for class domain or namespace groupings in Class and Collaboration diagrams.