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Free Boxes, Arrows

Boxes, Arrows

Boxes and Arrows Stencil

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Free Aqua GUI

Aqua GUI

A series of elements inspired by the GUI Design Palette 1.2 and the Mac OS X interface stencils, based upon Aqua, and mainly aimed at making simple windows designs.

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Free Cisco Universal (iOS and Mac OS)

Cisco Universal (iOS and Mac OS)

Cisco's vector shapes from http://www.cisco.com/web/about/ac50/ac47/2.html converted from individual color EPS files (last updated May 2010) to allow use with the iOS and the Mac OS release of OmniGraffle. There are 293 shapes in this stencil. OmniGraffle for the Mac will display these in full vector while the current iOS...more

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Free Content Flow Diagram

Content Flow Diagram

Define, design and document dynamic content systems and content strategies using this modelling technique.

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Free Extjs GUI Layout and Widgets

Extjs GUI Layout and Widgets

This is the updated version of our popular Ext JS Omnigraffle stencil which is available for download on our website and on Graffletopia.com. This update contains many improvements and additions, namely that we were able to recreate most Ext JS elements as graffletopia shapes or groups. This is especially helpful for resizing...more

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Free UX Humans

UX Humans

Abstract human figure icons for use in charts, diagrams, and visual explanations of information, ideas, and concepts. Optimal for information architecture, interaction design, and user experience projects.

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Free Amazon Web Services (AWS) v2.4.1

Amazon Web Services (AWS) v2.4.1

A port of the Amazon Simple Icons to OmniGraffle. Updated for v2.4 (2015-01-18) of the AWS Architecture Icons. These stencils are OmniGraffle shapes (not embedded images!), fully labeled and grouped by type (as per the Amazon sample document).

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Free Cause and Effect - Fishbone Diagram

Cause and Effect - Fishbone Diagram

This is a ready-made Fishbone, or Ishikawa, diagram to get you started on your Cause and Effect analysis. The whole diagram is made as a group for easy drag-and-drop between the stencil and your canvas. Before starting to work on your Fishbone diagram, you should ungroup the compound shape. The primary and secondary causes...more

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Free iPad iPhone Scale Comparison

iPad iPhone Scale Comparison

A very basic grab and tidy up of an iPhone and an iPad. I've taken care to ensure that the representations of the devices are to scale; everything on the stencil is at 1/2 scale btw if you wanted to design in real size. Please feel free to clean up and or add to this stencil.

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$19.00 Flat and Simple UI

Flat and Simple UI

A collection of assets that I used for a few UX/UI projects. A lot of my clients here in the Redmond/Seattle Washington area like to have some colors added to the wireframes to notate actions and key areas therefore, this Flat and Simple UI stencil was created. Toasts, notifications, menu, navigation bar, radio buttons,...more

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