UI Wireflows

UX Kits UX Kits Pro shared this on Jul 12, 2016

Architecture, layout, and flow for software interfaces.

UI Wireflows allow you to show the architecture, basic page layout, content and flow of software in one deliverable. With 120 screens and 100 additional UI and flowchart elements, the Kit blends flowcharts and wireframes to help you clearly communicate the functionality of a product to clients and team members.

UI Wireflows was designed with web-based, desktop and tablet software in mind, including miniature wireframes for common types of applications in 10 categories. The additional elements allow you to add navigation, alerts, scrollbars, tooltips, pagination and overlays (such as modal windows) to any screen.

The Kit also includes an example document to help get you started, a collection of flowchart lines, annotation styles, touch-screen gesture icons and a set of elements geared towards developers to show interactions such as API and database calls.

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