Stencils tagged with ‘information architecture’

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$29.00 User Experience Professional

User Experience Professional

The user experience professional stencil kit allows you to design provably better web forms. The layouts included are based on eye tracking research undertaken by UX researcher Matteo Penzo (which itself used form layouts by Luke Wroblewski, a well-known UX designer). All of the core components you need to design forms...more

July 31, 2013
$19.00 Flat and Simple UI

Flat and Simple UI

A collection of assets that I used for a few UX/UI projects. A lot of my clients here in the Redmond/Seattle Washington area like to have some colors added to the wireframes to notate actions and key areas therefore, this Flat and Simple UI stencil was created. Toasts, notifications, menu, navigation bar, radio buttons,...more

March 18, 2014
Free Silhouettes


These silhouettes are royalty free, and can be used as placeholders or for rapid persona development, in conjunction with the Personas stencil.

October 30, 2008
Free Content Flow Diagram

Content Flow Diagram

Define, design and document dynamic content systems and content strategies using this modelling technique.

June 17, 2010
Free UX Caricatures

UX Caricatures

Stylized caricatures of leading figures in the fields of user experience, information architecture, and interaction design.

September 28, 2010
Free Site Map Stencil

Site Map Stencil

This stencil allows you to create site maps in manual mode. It has various page types that can be dragged and dropped on the page as well as description copy blocks. Very helpful for people who used to create site maps manually in Visio.

June 23, 2011
Free UX Humans

UX Humans

Abstract human figure icons for use in charts, diagrams, and visual explanations of information, ideas, and concepts. Optimal for information architecture, interaction design, and user experience projects.

September 28, 2010
Free Page Thumbnails for UI Design

Page Thumbnails for UI Design

This stencil contains thumbnail representations of common types of pages, such as search, login, and error pages for quickly designing application and site navigation layouts. There's a point in design where it's efficient to lay out the big picture of the application or site you are designing without getting mired in the...more

August 25, 2008
Free Personas


These persona stencils make the process of persona diagramming quicker and easier. Use in conjunction with the Silhouettes stencil for quick persona development or for placement only without having to worry about rights issues.

October 30, 2008
$8.00 Lil Pages - 50 UI Layouts

Lil Pages - 50 UI Layouts

Lil Pages opens up the flexibility and enjoyment of creating beautiful documents to help communicate user flows, storyboarding, site map flowcharts, fast wireframing or simply UI icons to use in your next project. Lil Pages have been created to be simple, elegant and work straight out of the box. However, the real power lies...more

March 25, 2014