Stencils tagged with ‘software’

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Free Petri nets

Petri nets

A stencil for creating Petri nets diagrams (for predicate/transition, or PT, nets)

June 29, 2008
Free UML-Joe


just uml with color. Attempting to begin a more aesthetically pleasing UML stencil.

August 7, 2009
Free Swimlane


Multi-system flow-chart for business process or system integration diagrams. Each swim lane contains processes, flows and decisioned owned by a single entity. Flows that cross swim lane boundaries indicate integration points between entities (business processes, systems).

August 24, 2016
$29.00 UI Wireflows

UI Wireflows

Architecture, layout, and flow for software interfaces. UI Wireflows allow you to show the architecture, basic page layout, content and flow of software in one deliverable. With 120 screens and 100 additional UI and flowchart elements, the Kit blends flowcharts and wireframes to help you clearly communicate the functionality...more

July 12, 2016