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Free Web Sketch Interface v2

Web Sketch Interface v2

Use to mockup prototype that separate "Conceptual" from "Graphic" design. This is in the same series as Mac OS X Sketch Application. Update grouping for easy drag drop.

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Free Aquaticus Social Icons

Aquaticus Social Icons

These are very clean "Aqua" social icons. I created the stencil after using the icons for various prototyping projects. Follow me on Twitter http://twitter.com/phantomflyer

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Free famfamfam Icons

famfamfam Icons

The icons from famfamfam.com as an omnigraffle stencil.

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Free Form Elements

Form Elements

Form elements stencil from the Design Stencil kit in the Yahoo! Design Pattern Library.

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Free Best Practice UX Forms Stencil v1.1

Best Practice UX Forms Stencil v1.1

This is the second, more comprehensive release of this stencil which follows best practice UX form design practices, providing three different ways of laying forms out, each with their own benefits. This version also provides different button layouts, a progress indicator, captcha code input field, labels and more.

133 favorites 巴斯凯特鲍尔 desean kevinporter@me.com mercury88 tecmoc
Free iPhone Wire Frames

iPhone Wire Frames

This is a basic stencil for creating wire frames for iPhone optimized web sites (from April 2008) Includes standard components like form fields, buttons, dialogs, key boards, lists, loading icon, selected state. Any feedback would be appreciated, and I will make appropriate revisions.

131 favorites acmeco Hkitty guichuqing MarsLau Courtney Bolton, UX
Free Interactive Sketch Notation

Interactive Sketch Notation

Omnigrafflized version of Jakub Linowski's Interactive Sketch Notation.

128 favorites 巴斯凯特鲍尔 xuzc histolia histolia yahya
Free Apple Elements

Apple Elements

Stencil of additional Apple hardware and misc. networking components. Excellent for creating physical diagrams.

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$8.00 Lil Pages - 50 UI Layouts

Lil Pages - 50 UI Layouts

Lil Pages opens up the flexibility and enjoyment of creating beautiful documents to help communicate user flows, storyboarding, site map flowcharts, fast wireframing or simply UI icons to use in your next project. Lil Pages have been created to be simple, elegant and work straight out of the box. However, the real power lies...more

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Free Wireframe Sketch

Wireframe Sketch

Use to create printouts for your paper-protoyping or interactive mockups that can be exported to click-able pdf in Omni. Please let me know of any omissions/additions and I'll update the stencil.

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