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Free Network and Peripherals (isometric)

Network and Peripherals (isometric)

Scaleable, labeled vector stencils converted from original isometric shapes of Visio 2007.

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Free iPhone 3G Stencil

iPhone 3G Stencil

Includes standard interface components for the iPhone 3G: buttons, fields, map elements, keyboards, icons... All components are on a transparent background and should re-size nicely. Thanks to teehan+lax and Mercury Intermedia for sharing their the Photoshop and Ilustrator files.

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Free Flowcharting Symbology

Flowcharting Symbology

Almost a complete set of flowchart symbols based upon ISO 5807:1985. With a few extra symbols. Symbols are measured in centimeters and are designed to be placed on a canvas with a major grid spacing of 2 cm and 8 minor grid steps. With thanks to radiorental for version 1.

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Free Carousels


Carousels stencil from the Design Stencil kit in the Yahoo! Design Pattern Library.

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Free iPhone Sketch

iPhone Sketch

This is a stencil for quick sketching of iPhone ideas. Use the outline for printouts so you can hand sketch as well. The symbols are meant as a check list for included features in your app development. Visit www.iphonepool.com and join in:-) Please leave a comment, nice to know if it's usable for others.

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Free Functional Flow Block Diagram (FFBD)

Functional Flow Block Diagram (FFBD)

Contains all the major components for a Functional Flow Block Diagram (FFBD), which are used in developing the functional architecture of a system and describing the system's functional flow.

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Free Web Flowchart

Web Flowchart

Charles Parcell has created a very slick set of stencils for website flowcharting that has just about every component you might use for a site, from Flash to PHP to .Net. And all of them in a unique, colored style. Awesome.

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$19.00 Clear / iPhone

Clear / iPhone

This iPhone stencil includes various iOS user interface elements -- but every element is transparent so it can be used on any colored background to make attractive mockups for your iOS apps. Oh, did I mention that it's iOS7.

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Free Isometric icons

Isometric icons

A handy set of isometric icons based on Visio's icons.

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Free Advertising


Advertising stencil from the Design Stencil kit in the Yahoo! Design Pattern Library.

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